louis_donohoLouie Donoho, the anchor for the line of the 1938 SCHS football team was also a discus thrower and low hurdler for the track team. He went on to play varsity football at the University of Illinois.

After high school, two years at St. Louis University and military service in World War II, Donoho enrolled at the University of Illinois where he played center and linebacker on the 1945 and 1946 Illini varsity. The Illini won the Big Ten Championship in 1946, the first Big Ten team to play in the Rose Bowl under the current Big Ten-Pac 10 post season pact.

During his freshman and sophomore years at St. Louis University, Donoho was a heavyweight boxer and captain of the Billiken freshman football team. He entered the military in 1942.

After his playing days at the University of Illinois, Donoho reentered the military service and played football with, and was captain of, an Army team. He played with an All-Star service team that beat Air Force. He was elected Most Valuable Player at linebacker in that game.

Donoho had a “look see” with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but injuries to his legs from World War II and eight years of football discouraged the NFL franchise from pursuing the Salem standout.

He retired from military service at the rank of Colonel, having served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts throughout the world.