The Salem Community High School Sports Hall of fame was organized in 1985 under the leadership of then Athletic Director, John Cavaletto. Committee members were SCHS sports enthusiasts and some were graduates and former athletic team members. Admission to the Hall of Fame criteria and the voting method were established and the committee has met almost every month for 23 years.

Sports archives and the writings of Salem businessman/sportswriter Bill Larimer, along with those of another sports writer, Bruce Hixon, are researched and studied. Chairman Cavaletto and his successor, Athletic Director Scott Steward, conduct the meetings but are non-voting committee members.

Induction of Hall of Fame members is held annually the first Saturday in June.

Past and present members of the Sports Hall of Fame Committee are:

  • Ray Baldridge
  • Harold Blank
  • Lou Bryant
  • John Cavaletto
  • Jack Cunningham
  • Les Deason
  • Anna Lou Eller
  • Doris Gatewood
  • Willard Green
  • Greg Gruenkemeyer
  • Lou Gruenkemeyer
  • Mike Hargis
  • Bill Hawley
  • Bruce Hixon
  • Bob Jamison
  • Mark Johnson
  • Shannon Kagy
  • Robert Kane
  • Jim Koehler
  • Bill Larimer
  • Mark Larimer
  • Kerry McLain
  • Charles Mills
  • Dr. Harry Nesmith
  • Robert Phillips
  • Bob Roddy
  • Walter Simpson
  • Scott Steward
  • Gene Yolton

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